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PUBG About To Double Its Number Of Map

08 December 2017

Some of the prizes they include are Xbox One X consoles, Elite Controllers, Xbox Live codes, PUBG codes and PUBG loot.

Alongside the recently announced retro-pickup truck arriving with the desert themed map for Bluehole Studios' massively popular title, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the studio has also announced that there will be a new gun arriving with the vast world.

However, it's not yet clear how the new map will feature in the game.

Previously just referred to as PUBG's desert map, the second map for the game is called Miramar, a somewhat common name in areas of the United States named by Spanish and Portugese settlers.

It contrasts to the now existing map, Erangel, in that it's not an island. Instead of lush fields and forest, Miramar is harsh desert.

Miramar will be available during the final test round before PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hits version 1.0, which is planned for later this month.

As well as teasing more locations than the ones listed in the post, PUBG Corporation makes clear that it expects Miramar to require a very different style of play to Erangel, warning that "old strategies may no longer work and new tactics are required". Head to page 2 to see the map overlay and its towns, along with details on all of its key locations. Unlike the R1895 it replaces, the R45 will not support a suppressor, though you will be able to add a red dot sight to improve your aim. Are many of you still playing PUBG?

Notably, Microsoft explained that these "standalone offers" will be exclusive to Xbox fans and will be "the only items that can be purchased during the preview period" for PUBG on Xbox One, as the Xbox One version of the game will not feature "any in-game purchases". For further info and details, stay tuned to PUBG's official Twitter account.