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Suspect In Custody After Explosion At Subway Station In Midtown Manhattan

15 December 2017
Suspect In Custody After Explosion At Subway Station In Midtown Manhattan

Pipe bomb explosion at Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York CityBut Collins and other officers ran toward the scene to take down the person allegedly behind the explosion.

At least three other people suffered minor injuries, including ringing in the ears and headaches.

No one other than the suspect was hurt in the blast which reportedly happened at 7.30am EST.

Law enforcement officials believe that the device did not completely detonate and that this was an isolated incident.

Cuomo said New Yorkers understand their city is an global target "for many who would like to make a statement" against freedom. He told CNN the homemade bomb may not have fully ignited, possibly limiting the damage.

On Oct. 31, eight people were killed and a dozen more injured after a truck plowed into pedestrians near the World Trade Center. She also said the attack wouldn't intimidate her from returning to the city.

In a statement, President Donald Trump said the attack emphasized the need for US immigration reforms. The family says it expects more from the justice system.

There are no immediate reports of injuries.

Police said he had a crude improvised device attached to his body using Velcro and zip ties and said video shows him walking down the passageway when the device exploded. Akayed Ullah's attack was inspired by ISIS, but had no direct contact with the terrorist group, law enforcement officials told American media.

Ullah is from the Bangladeshi city of Chittagong and is a US resident, said the country's police chief.

- Ullah has no criminal record in his native Bangladesh, according to Sahely Ferdous, a Bangladesh police spokeswoman.

- That license lapsed and was not renewed in March 2015, Fromberg said.

Firefighters arrive on the scene of the explosion on Monday.

"There was a stampede up the stairs to get out", said one commuter, Diego Fernandez.

Where is Manhattan's Port Authority Bus Terminal?

The Port Authority is the largest bus terminal in the USA and serves more than 65mln people per year. "Due to police activity, the entrance to the subway at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on Eighth Avenue is closed". A long, narrow underground tunnel connects that part of the station to its eastern section, and is used by thousands of commuters during rush hour.