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US Law Bans Kaspersky Security Products From Government Systems

14 December 2017
US Law Bans Kaspersky Security Products From Government Systems

In signing the National Defense Authorization Act, Trump approved the ban, found in section 1634, which prohibits the use of the Russian cybersecurity firm's antivirus software on government computers and networks.

There have always been security concerns around cloud and customers poring over the latest research from Kaspersky Lab will find their fears have been far from baseless. They expect that the US government ban and subsequently press coverage will only intensify the questioning, resulting in a fair amount of damage to Kaspersky's business.

The distrust - at least publicly - that the USA shows for Russian Federation is well-known. From his cell, he posted documents related to his case. Shaheen sent a letter to the Trump administration asking that information on Kaspersky Lab be declassified "to raise public awareness regarding the serious threat that the Moscow-based software company poses to the United States' national security".

"Today's rapid pace of digital transformation is bringing more efficiency and flexibility to business operations, but it is also presenting new security challenges that put business agendas in danger", said said Alessio Aceti, head of enterprise business, Kaspersky Lab.

The Kaspersky scrutiny was originally sparked by reports that the company's software plucked exploitation tools from the home computer of a National Security Agency agent (see Report: NSA Secrets Stolen From Computer Using Kaspersky Software).

In a statement issued Tuesday, Kaspersky Lab criticized the US government, saying it singled out the company based on where its headquarters is located.

The ban on Kaspersky software comes after the USA government has accused the Russian antivirus vendor of working with Russian secret services to steal classified data from USA computers using its product. To address misgivings about its software, Kaspersky has offered to make its source code available to independent parties to review. "It's all a risk management issue".