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Amazon "very likely" to bid for Premier League

06 January 2018

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is in talks to stream Premier League soccer matches, according to The Daily Telegraph sources. However, with Sky and BT paying a combined £5.14 billion ($6.96 billion) for 168 live matches back in 2015, Amazon will likely need to spend big to acquire what it's after. Bloomberg reports that the online retailer is preparing to bid for matches next month, likely providing traditional United Kingdom broadcasters Sky and BT with some much-needed competition over the next three years.

Allegedly, the potential entry of Amazon into the Premier League arms race is one of the reasons why BT and Sky made a decision to do the decent thing as of next year and enable all Sky Sports channels to be served on the BT TV platform as well as making it easier to get BT Sport on Sky; you'll no longer have to subscribe independently to BT.

That said, two entire rounds of matches are being sold this time around which will be significantly cheaper, so it could be that Amazon tests out a single, full-on Premier League weekend with simultaneous streams.

The deal would likely be a significant investment for Amazon with Sky and BT paying a combined £5 billion for 168 live matches in 2015. The Premier League holds auctions for broadcasting rights to its games every three years

This isn't the first athletic venture the retailer has entered as it inked deals to stream Thursday night National Football League games, as well as ATP tennis matches.

Facebook has added lots of sports content in recent years and we recently saw the company is very interested in adding popular sports leagues. The English Football Association is said to be opening up bids for broadcasting rights in February, and the report claims that Amazon could be considering making a bid for it. In September, the company bid $600 million for the Indian Premier League. The League is hoping to raise more than the £5.14 billion (€5.77 billion) it secured under the current rights agreements with Sky and BT. Losing a package to Amazon would not be a major concern to Sky and BT but the big question for them is whether they want to stop them from gaining a foothold in football.