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Brad Pitt Bid $120000 to Watch Game of Thrones

08 January 2018

During the charity gala, the auctioneer announced the opportunity to watch an episode with Clarke, who was in attendance at the event, along with her "Game of Thrones" co- star Kit Harington.

But, as a famous band once sang, you can't always get what you want.

The sexy actor ponied up a whopping $120,000 to watch an episode of GOT with Emilia at Sean Penn's HRO Gala: A Gala Dinner to Benefit J/P Haitian Relief Organization Saturday night in LA during a charity auction.

The bidding started - as Emilia watched - at a modest $20k but quickly soared at the hands of Brad to $80k. But as it turned out, [Kit] Harington had stepped out of the gala to go to the restroom.

According to Variety, an unnamed party-goer eventually bid $160,000 - and that proved to be too steep for Brad, who backed off and let the other person have the victory, and the episode-viewing party with Clarke.

At the event Emilia successfully outbid the one and only Leo DiCaprio, dropping $90,000 (£66k) on a painting by Josh Smith - blitzing the Titanic star's not-as-Titanic $80,000 (£59k) bid.

But then an anonymous bidder came in and ruined his fun by offering $160,000 to take the prize. The winner's identity is unknown because an auction bidder is no one, I guess.