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Federal Bureau of Investigation accuses Missouri man who stopped train of being white supremacist

06 January 2018
Federal Bureau of Investigation accuses Missouri man who stopped train of being white supremacist

"We lunged forward in our seats and all the power went out, it went completely black in the train vehicle", passenger Bobbie Garris told NTV.

Staff onboard the train were able to restrain Wilson.

The conductor and others subdued Wilson, then held him and waited for deputies.

Wilson's train had been traveling from Sacramento, Calif., to St. Louis, Mo., with almost 200 passengers on board.

Wilson's parents told investigators their son was using the Amtrak to return home from California so he could attend classes on October 23.

A Missouri man faces federal terrorism charges after prosecutors allege he pulled an emergency brake system on an Amtrak train in rural Nebraska "with intent to harm those aboard". At the time of the incident, Wilson was charged in district court with use of a weapon to commit a felony and criminal mischief, NTV reports.

"Agents interviewed an acquaintance of Wilson's who told them that been acting strangely since the summer, and had joined an "'alt-right' neo-Nazi group that he found while researching white supremacy forums online".

The FBI says Taylor Michael Wilson, 26, of St. Charles, Missouri, expressed an interest in "killing black people". That rally left one woman who was demonstrating against the white supremacists dead.

According to the Journal-Star's report, the documents on Wilson also show that agents found "videos and PDF files on Wilson's phone of a white supremacist banner over a highway, other alt-right postings and documents related to how to kill people". The FBI says they found Wilson in the engineer's seat, "playing with the controls". When the Federal Bureau of Investigation spoke with Wilson's roommate, he told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Wilson had a secret panel behind the refrigerator, NTV reports.

Czaplewski said Wilson, who has a permit in Missouri to carry a concealed handgun, had a loaded.38-caliber handgun in his waistband, a speed loader in his pocket and a National Socialist Movement business card on him when he was arrested.

Passengers sat in darkness for more than an hour after the train suddenly stopped, according to passenger Bobbie Garris.

As the deputy handcuffed Wilson, the deputy discovered a loaded speedloader and a loaded.38 caliber handgun in the waistband of Wilson's trousers, the TV station reports.

Wilson had a loaded revolver, plus more ammunition and a knife, the deputy said. Among the items found were 11 AR-15 ammunition magazines, one drum-style ammunition magazine for a rifle, 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition, ammunition reloading supplies and a hand-made shield.

He was arrested December 23, a day after the complaint was filed under seal in federal court in Nebraska.

Wilson was taken to the Furnas County Jail at the time.