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Google Assistant is coming to Dish Network this year

11 January 2018
Google Assistant is coming to Dish Network this year

Amazon already did it with the Echo Show but Lenovo's functionally named Smart Display (from US$$200) is arguably a better looking bit of kit.

The device is named by LG as WK9. One-quarter of smart speaker owners have a GOOGLE Assistant product such as GOOGLE Home or GOOGLE Home Mini. With the addition of a display, though, such information is complimented with visual aids, showing your routes traffic conditions, or video news briefings from YouTube, for instance. With these integrations, millions of new smart home devices are being connected to the Assistant every month, so you can stay in control, whether you want to heat up the house, check on the laundry or make sure you locked the back door.

Since Alexa support is now spreading like wildfire, Google Assistant is now receiving some love too.

Dish Network customers who have the company's Wally, Hopper, or Joey DVR will soon have access to Hands-Free TV via Google Assistant support. The front-facing camera will come in handy for video calling, using Google Duo. This means, once you've told Google Home to talk to your TiVo, you can use natural language to search for any upcoming programming or recordings.

Responding to media, Mark Spates, Product Lead for Smart Home at Google revealed that the intention of the company is to create a smart home experience with the Google Assistant coupled with products manufactured by smart startups such as Insteon.

In order to link the devices, users are required to connect to them through the Google Home app or Google Assistant on their smartphone.