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Health officials: 15 deaths, 'high level' of hospitalizations reported from flu

14 January 2018
Health officials: 15 deaths, 'high level' of hospitalizations reported from flu

Influenza is considered widespread in the state.

"We've had positive flu swabs since September and they kind of wax and wane", said Jones.

So far this season, there have been 1,765 hospitalizations and one pediatric flu death in Minnesota, according to the Health Department.

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, as of January 6 there have been 30,932 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza reported in Missouri so far this flu season, compared to 4,151 at the same time previous year.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association past year criticized the provincial decision to stop paying doctors to give the shot in favour of more free clinics.

"We're seeing a sharp spike with all the kids that were out of school for the holidays, now they're back in school", said Jones.

Some long-term care facilities have issued warnings on the west coast and in central Newfoundland, restricting visitation as a precaution against the flu season.

She and Lesteberg said most patients have been sick with the A strain of influenza, which tends to be more severe than the B strain.

The last couple of weeks have seen "pretty steady activity" in both the emergency room and inpatient units, she said. Vaccinations are available at local health departments, pharmacies, and medical providers.

But although there has been a spike in flu cases in Canada and the USA, so far Newfoundland and Labrador has been largely spared, although half a dozen people have been sick enough to be hospitalized.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a contagious respiratory illness caused by viruses.

Kris Ehresmann, director of infectious disease with the Minnesota Department of Health, called the rumors "misleading". In 2016, the total was 20,101, and in 2015 there were 54,316 total flu cases reported.

Over the past seven days, the Public Health Agency said there has been a significant increase in people attending GP surgeries with flu-like symptoms. Vaccination is especially important for anyone who falls into a higher-risk group: older adults, infants and very young children, pregnant women and anyone with a chronic health condition such as diabetes or asthma.

"Yes, there might be concerns about one of the four elements, but at the end of the day there's still the other three and still a significant benefit to be had by getting a flu shot, even now". The Department of Health says that's the best way to prevent it.

Family Practice Medical Center has used up nearly all its vaccine supply but has some pediatric doses available for children under the age of 3, she said.

Health officials also urged people to continue to practice good hygiene such as hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, not touching the eyes, nose, or mouth, and staying home if sick. "You feel like you've been run over by a truck", said Cartter. "But if your body is telling you to rest, you should probably do that". "We're seeing a high amount of them as well". Day said Friday the most recent total he had for influenza cases in Kentucky ran through December 30, when 1,411 cases were confirmed. Persons who develop flu symptoms should seek medical advice to determine if they should be treated with an antiviral drug, which could shorten the course of the illness or reduce its severity.