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HP issues laptop recall over battery blaze fears

11 January 2018
HP issues laptop recall over battery blaze fears

The batteries can overheat and pose fire and burn hazards, according to a statement released Thursday by the United States Consumer Product and Safety Commission. From June 2016 to January 2017, over 140,000 lithium-ion battery packs for HP and Compaq computers were recalled due to overheating reports. However, please note that the "Battery Safety Mode" is only applicable to HP products affected by this recall. "HP is proactively notifying customers, and will provide replacement battery services for each verified, eligible battery, at no cost".

'This action pertains to 0.1 per cent of the HP systems sold globally over the past two years'.

Among the incident reports were three reports of property damage, totaling $4,500, as well as one case where a customer suffered a first-degree burn to the hand.

"Many of these batteries are internal to the system, which means they are not customer replaceable".

Being as most of the affected batteries are internal and not user-replaceable, HP has made a decision to provide users with free battery replacements from its authorised technicians.

These affects selected HP laptop models including the HP 11, Envy m6 and Pavilion x360.

To check whether a battery is affected, HP owners will need to download HP's battery validation utility, which runs the check in about 30 seconds.

There's also a BIOS update that puts the battery into "Battery Safe Mode" to prevent it from operating in a risky way. "We are taking immediate action to address this issue including a voluntary recall and replacement of the batteries". If the validation tool indicates your battery is affected, HP said you should "discontinue use of the battery immediately by placing it in Battery Safety Mode". Additionally, they are providing a BIOS update that places the battery in "Battery Safety Mode" so that the notebook or workstation can be safely used without the battery by connecting to an HP power adaptor. We recently learned that batteries provided by one of our suppliers for certain notebook computers and mobile workstations present a potential safety concern.