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Hyundai Unveils Nexo Fuel-Cell SUV With New Driver Aids at CES

10 January 2018
Hyundai Unveils Nexo Fuel-Cell SUV With New Driver Aids at CES

The NEXO is a svelte-looking SUV, with subtle surfacing and a "floating" roof design giving it a swoopy stance. That last point is a big deal, as fuel cell cars typically struggle to start and produce much power in cold weather. The Nexo now rides on its own custom architecture, meaning it can be easily adapted to the requirements of a fuel cell vehicle, with better packaging of the fuel tanks, three of them stored under the floor, complete with a lithium-ion battery pack in the trunk. The automaker has been pushing for fuel cell EVs for a few years, but they're only one of a handful doing so.

The result in an SUV with 370 miles of range that can top off its fuel in just five minutes.

The follow up to the Tuscon FCEV has a 20% faster 0-60mph speed at 9.5 seconds. The NEXO's powertrain builds on the ix35 FCEV bringing an estimated driving range of 500 miles, 134 miles more than its predecessor.

The Nexo will spearhead Hyundai's plans to introduce 18 environmentally-friendly vehicles by 2025, including more fuel-cell models as well as fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The pre-production concept version of the Nexo is equipped with the latest advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, like Blind-spot View and Lane Following Assist, the latter technology helping to keep the FCV centered in its lane at speeds up to 93 miles per hour on both the highway and city streets. One of them is a blind-spot monitoring system using the central infotainment display. There's Blind-spot View Monitor (BVM), which is an industry first, and BVM builds upon blind spot monitoring by projecting images of the side and rear of the vehicle from cameras mounted around the auto.

Additionally, the NEXO is the first Hyundai to boast semi-autonomous driving features. Nexo also has a new Lane Following Assist system and Highway Driving Assist; both features meant to automate some of the driving process with this fuel cell vehicle.

Hyundai Unveils Nexo Fuel-Cell SUV With New Driver Aids at CES

The highway assistant monitors the driving environment using sensors and can automatically adjust the speed of the vehicle to maintain a safe drive.

Other highlights include a Remote Smart Parking Assist system which enables the user to engage fully autonomous parking or retrieval without a driver in the vehicle.

A price has not yet been disclosed, but it's expected to be significantly cheaper than that of the ix35 Fuel Cell, which retailed for around £53,000. Despite its best efforts publicize the potential of hydrogen fuel, Hyundai hasn't yet made the impact it's wanted to.

When Hyundai showed the FCEV pre-production concept in summer 2017, we knew the final version would look very similar.