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I Miss Catt Sadler

08 January 2018
I Miss Catt Sadler

Rancic, who was wearing black herself, received a frank response from Will and Grace's Debra Messing-in fact, it was so frank that Messing called out E! News' Catt Sadler quitting her job, and saying it was because Jason Kennedy made almost double her salary - despite both Catt and Jason starting at E! in the same year, and Catt doing two E! shows.

The response from Messing came when she was asked by E! red carpet host Giuliana Rancic why she joined the leagues of other screen actresses who chose to wear black to the awards show.

Messing also explained the reasons she chose to take part in the red-carpet blackout.

Messing added that it's time for "diversity", "intersectional gender parity" and "equal pay", which prompted her to turn her focus to E! Catt's decision received love from Jessica Chastain, Olivia Munn and former E!

"We need the powers that be, and all the industries and all the networks, and E!, to help us with closing this pay gender gap". Her co-host Jason Kennedy was earning close to double what Sadler made for what she describes as "doing essentially similar jobs, if not the same job".

"I miss Catt Sadler, and we stand with her", Messing said. We stand with her. That's something that can change tomorrow, you know.

While looking at Rancic directly, she explained that the actresses collectively want people to start having the conversation that "women are just as valuable as men".

"How can I accept an offer that shows they do not value my contributions and paralleled dedication all these years?"