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Is Akash Dadlani out of Bigg Boss?

11 January 2018
Is Akash Dadlani out of Bigg Boss?

The fans raised many questions related to eliminated contestant Luv Tyagi, even many targetted Bigg Boss for using the live votings for eliminating Luv Tyagi. In the final segment of tonight's episode, Bigg Boss summons all the contests in the garden area for surprise eviction. On the other hand, Akash and Shilpa try to talk their differences off. Vikas says that he will wax Puneesh's full body.

Well, Hina Khan is now in the top 5 contestants and is a considered as the tough contender to win the Bigg Boss 11 victor title.

Akash Dadlani is a US-born Sindhi, who is working hard in India to earn name and fame as a singer. He's not happy with Shilpa hitting at Akash's butt again and again. Vikas Gupta asks Akash to be careful with his behaviour as he is spoiling his image in front of the viewers. The first contestant to be tormented is Akash Dadlani.

On the other hand, Puneesh and Shilpa discuss about Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani's closeness in the house. All the contestants laughed hysterically. Vikas said that this is the reason why Bigg Boss didn't take away the voting boxes, however, Hina Khan came in the support of Luv Tyagi and said maybe he would have done it unintentionally. This makes Hins very sad, and she begins to cry. Shilpa will suggest Arshi of destroying her Sher Khan mug, while Vikas will suggest of dipping her blue bathrobe in red paint. Hina requested Shilpa to give up but Shilpa went ahead to become the meanest contestant. Shilpa interrupts Vikas and he tells her to keep quiet.

Shilpa, who has been accused of not participating in the tasks tells Arshi that she will let them know what's being mean exactly means.

The third contestant of the episode was Puneesh.

# Woah! Vikas Gupta successfully completes the Mean BB task. In the ongoing task, the housemates have to do the "meanest" things to their inmates in order to win the task.