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LG Preps an 88-Inch, 8K OLED TV for CES 2018

02 January 2018
LG Preps an 88-Inch, 8K OLED TV for CES 2018

The 88-inch 8K version is bound to be costlier. If LG is to be asked, however, there is one more new territory to conquer: 8K.

CES 2018 is just days away and that must be why LG is kicking its publicity efforts into high gear with some genuinely jaw-dropping new technology like their latest experimental 8K OLED TV. The company has claimed that its QLED TVs are better than OLED TVs. Regarding the said limit to OLED's ability to adopt 8K at 33 megapixels per inch, which is four times the resolution of 4K displays, LG Display says it managed to come up with the 88-inch panel using an innovative process it developed on its own.

4K "ultra HD" resolution is finally in a place where it's somewhat affordable for consumers around the world, which can only mean one thing: 8K is coming.

LG Display has become the largest display maker in the world as it has been providing its display to the likes of Sony, Panasonic, and others. The 88-in surpasses the current largest OLED screen by 11-in and massively ups its resolution to 7680 x 4320.

To recall, the largest OLED screen size debuted with support for 4K resolution back in the day. LG has not revealed any other specifications for this display other than 8K resolution. The recent development in this scenario is the construction of a manufacturing plant in China's Guangzhou city.

All in all, LG's announcement comes at a time when the company is making a bigger push into OLED panels and ramping up its operations.

While Samsung is following a different path, LG still sees competition from countries like Japan, and the company's display arm has made investments in billions of dollars to increase production and take OLED displays mainstream. The recognition belongs to Dell after the Round Rock, Texas-based company announced its 32-inch 7680x4320 UltraSharp UP3218K monitor at CES 2017 and started selling the device months after.