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LG to unveil its rollabale 65-inch 4K OLED TV

13 January 2018
LG to unveil its rollabale 65-inch 4K OLED TV

The all new 65 Inch Rollable OLED display grabs many eyeballs and headlines as this is world's first OLED display to have a rollable feature which is in fact completely flexible. This is not all, however, as it plans to add another interesting product to the mix. As local media notes, the tech major of South Korea will be offering more data on the first 88-inch OLED display with 8K resolution in the world. LG's secret seems to be the paper-thin OLED (organic light emitting diode) display which is found in top-end smartphones and TVs.

The device looks promising and appears to bring forth a bunch of advancements to the traditional flat-screen TV. It will be displaying the screen at CES 2018 meeting, which is planned to occur from January 9, 2018, to January12, 2018, in the Las Vegas.

ThinQ is a form of artificial intelligence which is shared across a number of new LG products, from televisions and speakers, to fridges, ovens, washing machines and more.

With AI functionality embedded in 2018 LG TVs, LG's customers can speak directly into the remote control to use all the features of today's advanced voice-assistant technology. It takes less storage space and is easy to transport.

LG touts the portability and storage options made available by its new rollable television.

How the OLED screen is able to completely roll away while still remaining rigid while it's being unfurled is a secret LG Display wasn't willing to share with anyone. And while they're all impressive, we were admittedly most excited about news that the brand that championed plasma TVs a few short years ago is back in the TV game in a big way, announcing two new OLED TVs, the FZ950 OLED series and the FZ800 series. However, maybe you don't want to have an 65-inch OLED dominating a room of your house.

LG Ups Its LCD Game With Nano Cell, FALD Backlighting TechCombining Nano Cell, FALD backlighting, and the Alpha 7 processor, LG's 2018 SK9500 and SK9000 SUPER UHD LCD TVs will offer deeper blacks, enhanced image rendering, improved shadow details, and accurate color from wide viewing angles. LG is one of the companies that invested a lot of work in delivering the best flexible display possible.

Compatriot Samsung is set to show off new 8K resolution QLED TVs, as well as a 150-inch Micro LED TV at the trade show.