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Oprah Should Not Be President

10 January 2018
Oprah Should Not Be President

The tweet came after Oprah's inspiring speech at the Golden Globe Awards, as she accepted the Cecil B de Mille award.

Winfrey endorsed Democratic Senator Barack Obama of IL when he first ran successfully for the U.S. presidency in 2008, and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her losing 2016 campaign against Trump. In the aftermath of the 75th Golden Globes telecast, I'd wager that a Winfrey/McDormand ticket with promised cabinet-level positions for Natalie Portman, Barbra Streisand and Viola Davis would probably scoop up around 90 percent of the vote in the greater Los Angeles area.

The touchstone of Winfrey's speech was the #MeToo movement.

"To the media - the left in this country Oprah is their chosen one, the new messiah they'll worship and follow like the sheep they are", Hannity declared.

Although the TV mogul has said she doesn't have plans to run for office, she apparently hasn't ruled it out completely - which sent the Internet into a frenzy on Monday, as many wondered whether "Oprah 2020" is a real possibility.

"Yes, we can! Am I the only one who had that feeling?"

In the months after the congressional elections, halfway through Trump's four-year term, Democratic presidential challengers are likely to begin announcing their candidacies to run against him. But her message - "A new day is on the horizon" - sounded like a campaign rallying cry. "I mean, Trump's approval rating right now, I don't think he could beat Maury Povich for president, never mind Oprah".

If true, it would indicate Winfrey's warmed to the idea since October, when she told King, "There will be no running for office of any kind". "Show them how leaders SHOULD speak". "I know her very well". "She has provided inspiration for millions of women to improve their lives, go back to school, learn to read, and take responsibility for themselves". Magnificent speech, magnificent career, magnificent woman!

After slamming NBC News for its deleted "OUR future president" tweet about Oprah, and using it to take more shots at the network, Hannity then derided "private jet liberals" over their "newfound political affection for Oprah".

No clear Democratic front-runner has emerged to challenge Trump in 2020, with the immediate political focus in the US on November's congressional elections, when the 435-member House of Representatives will be up for election, along with a third of the 100-member Senate.