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Overwatch League Opening Day Peaked at Over 400000 Viewers

12 January 2018
Overwatch League Opening Day Peaked at Over 400000 Viewers

Backed by investments from traditional sport industry leaders including, Robert Kraft, Stan Kroenke and Steve Kaplan, the Overwatch League launched today with twelve worldwide esports teams turning to digital media to build a fan base.

However it wasn't the great matches that really showed off the League - we expected that from the great players who have been signed up - but rather the professionalism of the production, the quality of the commentators and the fantastic updates to the viewing public where easy to understand.

During the explosive matchup, esports commentator and director of Twitch marketing Ben Goldhaber confirmed that the OWL stream peaked at 415k viewers, completely blowing his viewership estimates out of the water. Blizzard says it will split proceeds on the skins with the teams. Similar to the other American sports, the top team in each division at the end of the season will get a bye in the first week of the playoffs.

In fact, the Overwatch League Twitch channel broke the record for most concurrent viewers, surpassing Tyler1's 370 thousand viewers, which he himself set just a few days prior, in his return to streaming League of Legends. It'll be a long time until Overwatch true potential as a spectator sport is fully understood, but one thing is already certain: Overwatch League's opening day was popular indeed.

That process has resulted in the first-ever esports team to represent New York City, an honor that means a lot to Tester.

Overwatch League Opening Day Peaked at Over 400000 Viewers

The first day of the highly anticipated Overwatch League was a roaring success in terms of viewership on the Twitch streaming platform.

However they, like most of the other teams in the league, have multiple substitutes to use beyond the core six which will play matches.

You can buy tickets for the live matches if you happen to be in Los Angeles area when they occur.

The following match will be played at 1pm AEDT (Shanghai Dragons vs Los Angeles Gladiators) and then if you want to support local talent Custa, you can catch the Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty at 3pm AEDT. The league also provides players with housing during the season, along with healthcare and retirement savings plans. Skins are available for all 12 teams, and all 26 Overwatch characters, with 50% of the revenue from every Overwatch League skin sold going toward a shared revenue pool for all league teams.

But Blizzard's push to publicize the Overwatch League would be futile if the matches themselves weren't up to scratch. Key events that may have been missed are replayed nearly instantly, while each match is followed by a highlight reel and a deconstruction of each round's key moments by the League's presenters.