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Quarryville native Johnny Weir will not forgive Tonya Harding

10 January 2018
Quarryville native Johnny Weir will not forgive Tonya Harding

Morgan asked Harding if she knew the attack was going to happen, but she deflected.

But many are not buying that portrayal of Harding as a victim, including fellow figure skater Johnny Weir.

Nancy briefly withdrew from competition to heal but was well enough to compete in the Olympics, where she earned a silver medal in women's singles while Tonya came in eighth.

Authorities later found she was aware of the plan, and she was banned from the sport for life.

After telling Morgan that he wasn't letting her finish, Harding stuck around for a few more questions about the incident she'd clearly prefer to move on from.

Former Olympic ice-skater Tonya Harding cut her interview with Piers Morgan short after the controversial presenter asked her about the famous attack.

Harding confessed she was aware of a plot to attack Kerrigan in an explosive new TV documentary Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story, but denied playing any part in planning the brutal assault, plotted by her husband and bodyguard. "And hearing what people think, I guess, makes it better, you know?" she added.

"Is that me?!" she said of Janney.

Tonya Harding is passed by Nancy Kerrigan during their first practice session in 1994. Morgan pressed. "You didn't have any knowledge at all, it was pure coincidence?" "When I found out that the truth was finally going to come out", the now 47-year-old recalled of the moment her involvement was made public.

Yes, that would be disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding, who was at the show with the cast of "I, Tonya", a dark comedy based on Harding's career - Allison Janney won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Harding's mom and she thanked Harding in her acceptance speech.

In a room filled with A-list actors and actresses, one of the celebrities who most stood out at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night was a former figure skater.