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Xbox One users are getting a 'do not disturb' feature

10 January 2018
Xbox One users are getting a 'do not disturb' feature

The highlight feature has to be the ability to set your online status as "Do not Disturb", something fans have always been asking for.

Your Xbox will eventually get a virtual "do not disturb" sign when a feature coming to the Xbox Insider program makes it to everyone's systems. You can check out which achievements you're closest to unlocking and quickly launch the game to set about getting them done. This update will also allow players to filter with to prioritize next by closest, rarest, and highest Gamerscore.

Other additions in the latest update include Mini Game Hubs in the Guide, as well as a better view for comments on community posts.

Chief among the new features is a "Next Achievements" function found in the Guide, enabling you to view and sort a list of upcoming achievements. With this feature, you'll be able to access great content for the games you've played recently from a Game Hub without ever having to leave the action. This is a handy feature for those that don't want interruptions while focusing on their game. Via Mini Game Hubs, you'll be able to see friends now playing, upcoming achievements, Looking for Group posts and other info. Comments are also being rearranged to place those that are most recent at the top and you will be able to see who has liked your comments. I'm sure Microsoft has a lot of new features planned. Additional inactivity shutdown options are also being added, letting users determine whether the Xbox One should shut down at two, three, four, or five hours, with the one or six options sticking around too.

Whether it's something based on Halo or some of Rare's many franchises remains to be seen, but at least it looks like we can look forward to more games for Xbox One than we got previous year.