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CURLING CONTROVERSY: What would you have done?

18 February 2018
CURLING CONTROVERSY: What would you have done?

The Canadians' 11-3 victory over the US followed three straight losses at the Pyeongchang Games, a performance that few had anticipated from a team that was heavily favored to win the gold.

Canada's Rachel Homan is still searching for her first curling win at the Winter Olympics.

Trailing 4-2 in the fifth end, Canada turned the tables. While Canada's takeout shots were precise, the US team missed several shots early in the game.

It took four tries, but Canada is finally in the win column in women's curling at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

"I think we played really well in those other games, but we each had a couple key mistakes that really cost us", Homan said.

"We can play a little looser now because we came in as team number 10 (of 10)", said Denmark second Julie Hogh. "They're a terrific team and you can't give them an advantage like that".

Homan said she was simply following the rules.

In Canada's win over Norway, there were two key moments in the game.

A "burned rock" foul in the women's match between Canada and Denmark, would not be swept away very easily Friday. Homan chose to have it removed, rather than leave it, or to place it where it would have otherwise stopped - as is common etiquette in competitive curling. Tweets from curling fans immediately began to flow, with some criticising the move as unsportsmanlike. But curling has a deeply ingrained ethos of good sportsmanship, and players are usually exceedingly polite to their rivals.

Afterward, Danish skip Madeleine Dupont said she disagreed with Canada's decision to remove the rock.

It has been going great for the Canadian men's curling team. The crowd erupted into chants of Homan's name, and maple leaf flags waved wildly following the long-sought victory.

Canada will look to pick up its first win when it plays Sweden later on Day 6. "I think we were just happy to be there and they were just afraid to lose".