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Federal government won't let BC delay Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

15 February 2018
Federal government won't let BC delay Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

"We do not seek an escalation, but if B.C. continues to insist that they have rights to attack Alberta's economy that they don't have, we will have no choice (but) to respond", said Notley.

"If the B.C. government is threatening to violate the constitution, the economic union, which is a central guarantee of our constitution, they can't do it without repercussions", he said. "I have an enforcement background and the law is the law and if you fight the law then somebody needs to deal with that and in this case, it's the federal government that needs to step up to the plate and takes action". This is much bigger than Alberta though - therefore much, much bigger than Strathcona County, which will benefit from the line build, as well.

The Trans-Mountain Pipeline project has already received approval from the Justin Trudeau Liberal government, further frustrating Morris on the timing of Horgan's comments saying he planned to consult more about the project through BC and look at the possibility of putting a cap on the amount of bitumen the pipeline can carry to Vancouver via the Oil Sands in Northern Alberta.

So, thumbs up to Notley sticking to her statement that "the gloves are off". Kinder Morgan recently said it expects the operational date for the pipeline is now a year later than expected, in December 2020. Let B.C. stew on that while it's talking to the feds.

"We started it", said Iain Black, CEO of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

On Monday, Notley said she's giving time - days not weeks - for federal officials to work out a solution with B.C. officials.

I do feel bad for wine producers who are essentially collateral damage in political warfare.

Horgan has said that B.C. won't retaliate by banning any Alberta products.

Of course, this could turn ugly for Alberta very quickly. Horgan has stated he has no plans for retaliation, but we have to consider the possibility. "We need to make a stink", Kenney told Postmedia columnist Rick Bell.

I'm positive the province's wine ban wasn't a decision made lightly, but it was certainly made quickly.

Horgan and Notley are both NDP premiers.

Black isn't too concerned that Ottawa might use the $2.2 billion in federal funding for public transit in the Lower Mainland as leverage against B.C. But he is anxious that B.C. ports and the Asia-Pacific Gateway strategy could be vulnerable both to trade sanctions from Alberta and to restrained federal infrastructure spending.

We're in potentially unsafe territory from an economic standpoint.

"We appreciate that the federal government gets the ridiculousness of it as much as we do, but sitting back and letting B.C. threaten it and not doing anything to tell them to pull back the threat and stop walking around being ridiculous, that's the key objective we're seeking". But, this could get a lot worse before it gets better.