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Trump Budget Cuts to Great Lakes Programs a 'Non-Starter'

15 February 2018
Trump Budget Cuts to Great Lakes Programs a 'Non-Starter'

For third time since his inauguration Donald Trump has put the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative in his budgetary crosshairs.

The proposal calls for a major cut to the Environmental Protection Agency's funding, in turn slashing funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Some officials, including members of Trump's Republican Party, vowed to boost funding for the Great Lakes.

But, as is the case with so numerous president's initiatives, he is right in insisting that if taxpayers' money is spent, results must be achieved. Multiple restoration efforts have occured in the St. Louis River estuary in Duluth-Superior under the federal program. "Once again, we will gear up in a bipartisan manner, to save the Great Lakes funding." Sen.

Shriberg adds, "Local communities have borne the brunt of expensive water infrastructure fixes for the last 40 years, and any plan that places further financial burdens on communities by relying on the fool's gold of privatization will only exacerbate water affordability issues that harm those who can least afford them".

"If there's one thing we've learned, we can't take it for granted that others understand how important our water is", she said, calling the budget proposal "outrageous". Advocates say they'll resist the proposed spending cuts. The Great Lakes are an invaluable resource to OH, and this initiative has been a successful public-private partnership that helps protect both our environment and our economy.

The Trump budget now goes to Congress, which will adopt some of it, change most and form its own federal government funding package for fiscal 2019 that must pass the House and Senate before going back to Trump to sign into law.

U.S. Congressman Fred Upton, a Republican from MI, released the following statement: "Michigan deserves better than this".

"It's clear that when it comes to the Great Lakes our priorities are at odds with the administration", Upton said. It works to combat threats to the Great Lakes, such as invasive species or loss of habitats. "I will fight these draconian cuts in every way that I can".