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Trump tells Democrats to refile Russian Federation probe memo

15 February 2018
Trump tells Democrats to refile Russian Federation probe memo

The president later said the Republican memo, released by House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., "totally vindicates" Trump from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into ties between Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and Russian Federation.

The President has said he would release the memo but chose not to after White House Lawyer Don Mcgahn said it contains 'numerous classified and sensitive passages'. But Trump ignored those concerns when he made a decision to release the Republican memo last week - despite the Federal Bureau of Investigation releasing a rare statement to say the Nunes memo omitted key information and the Justice Department raising "grave concerns" about its release without proper review.

His statement comes after the White House announced it blocked the Democratic memo, citing "significant concerns" for national security.

Nunes said he would like to see the Democratic memo made public, as long as proper redactions are made. "The White House ignored [the DOJ and FBI's] concerns and approved the publication of the Republican memo with no redactions even though the action was described by the agencies as extraordinarily reckless and omitting material facts", the representative said.

Both memos included classified information that the president had to agree could be released.

According to White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, the president consulted the Director of National Intelligence and the Justice Department to "assess the declassification request and provide him recommendations".

Now they claim when they release the Republican memo that this was in the interest of full transparency and all the White House people were saying full transparency.

Among the Republicans who publicly criticized the president for refusing to release the rebuttal was Justin Amash, of MI, who said the public has a right to examine both documents and draw their own conclusions.

The President's gambit is possible because the public has yet to see the details in the Democratic memo and so can not judge his motives.

Trump okayed the release of the Nunes memo last week. Millions of Americans are asking one simple question: "what is he hiding?" he said. "President Trump clearly doesn't want Americans to have access to the truth", Crowley said.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer echoed Lieu's suspicions, noting that Trump had just undermined his own justification for releasing last week's memo.

After Schiff challenged Trump's claim, the president lashed out on Twitter, calling him "Little Adam Schiff" and accusing him, without presenting any evidence, of leaving "closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information".

President Donald Trump has accused the Democrats of playing politics with classified information, asserting that their memo countering GOP allegations about the conduct of the FBI's Russian Federation probe is a trap meant to "blame the White House for lack of transparency".

Trump's move could increase pressure to release the entire application for the warrant to electronically monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page that was submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. But with the objection to the Democratic memo, there is a procedure available to the House to override the objection and make it public anyway.