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1 killed, another student hurt in a school shooting

09 Марта 2018
1 killed, another student hurt in a school shooting

He said police considered the shooting accidental, but did not elaborate. "We have a lot of unanswered questions".

Friend Tameron Boyd wrote on Facebook, "I love you & won't ever let your name die.I (didn't) know today would be the last time I was able to hug you". "We are saying shots were fired", Wilson said during a press conference.

"I couldn't really see because there was a crowd in front of me, but I heard the gunshots, and I like immediately ran to the nearest classroom, and they was like pushing all the students in the classroom like go in there, lock the door, y'all get to the wall and be quiet".

Security was ramped up at the school, and students, as well as faculty, will have access to a full crisis team, officials said.

The student who died was a graduating senior who would soon be 18 years old, had been accepted to college and wanted to become a nurse, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin told reporters. "Our hearts are heavy". Students have been released and police are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting. There is no immediate word of an arrest. "We're asking those questions ourselves so we can determine exactly what happened".

The shooting prompted a brief lockdown though students were subsequently released late Wednesday and authorities said they had subsequently determined that the shooting was not perpetrated by "someone from the outside" the school. Wilson did confirm metal detectors were in place and functioning in the school. "This should not happen in schools", he said.

"Due to their diligent work a person of interest has been taken into custody", the department said in a statement Thursday as the school was closed.

"The magnitude of this event causes us to pause", Herring said.

Two teenagers were shot in what appears to be an accident at Huffman High School in Birminghama, Alabam, on Wednesday.

"Two students were involved in a shooting during dismissal today at Huffman High School".

Some of those students actually witnessed the shooting this afternoon.

A SCHOOLGIRL, 17, has been killed and a teen classmate injured in a school shooting in Alabama.