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Android beats iOS in smartphone loyalty, study finds

12 Марта 2018
Android beats iOS in smartphone loyalty, study finds

The notification shade also takes a leaf out of Samsung's TouchWiz UI and Xiaomi's MIUI. You can also upgrade the cars with bodykits to boost their performance and improve their appearance. At the end of the day, comparing an iPhone X to a Galaxy S9 is like comparing apples and oranges. If you're within pinging distance of at least three access points, Google says it find your location within one or two meters.

Conducted by US-based Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the study found that 91% of Android users stuck to the platform and bought another phone running on Android.

Much was made about brand loyalty in the early days of the mobile industry but nowadays, people tend to pick a platform and stick with it. The data was "measured as the percentage of customers that remain with each operating system when activating a new phone over the twelve months ending December 2017".

The two dominant mobile operating systems in the market today offer unique user experiences. iOS has always been more restrictive.

The research firm measured the percentage of people in the USA who stayed with the operating system they were on despite upgrading their phones in 2017 to arrive at the conclusion.

Only in 2013, iPhone users were beating Android users for brand loyalty.

MICROSOFT IS RETIRING its Outlook Web Apps (OWA) for iPhone, iPad and Android, pushing users to download its standalone Outlook app instead. We can not wait to try out Lens on other Android devices, since this is the first time many of us have been able to see what this tool is all about.

Google's all devices are based on Android O; the new device will be based on the Android P that creates a big difference. Looking at it from this perspective seems to tell us that in fact more Android users are switching to iOS than the reverse and the previously noted observations. Right from the initial versions of Android, Google has continued naming its mobile OS after sweet treats every year.

Another occasional visitor Jarno Korterink commented, "Because its not possible to add shared mailboxes in the native Outlook app we advice users to use this OWA app". Some cheap, feature-rich apps (like Memento Database for Android, Nest Egg for iOS or Sortly for Android, iOS and web) include barcode-scanning to automatically identify books and other items.