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Atwal came to India on a valid visa: MEA

10 March 2018
Atwal came to India on a valid visa: MEA

"I have nothing but regret and remorse for my actions and the suffering I caused to the victim".

Before he recently left for a trip to India, Atwal said he contacted Liberal MP Randeep Sarai to see if there was a chance for him to attend a reception with Trudeau.

Jaspal Atwal, the attempted murderer who was photographed with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau at an event during the government's official trip to India in February is apologetic for the "embarrassment" it caused.

The invitation to a dinner hosted by Canada's high commissioner in Delhi was quickly revoked.

On the issue of Atwal's invitation, Canadian PM Trudeau had said that the matter was extremely serious.

"When my attendance became the news story that brings us here today I was completely shocked and devastated", he said. "No one at any point indicated there would be any issue". "However, I want to again stress this awful event that happened in the past is something I live with every day and take complete responsibility for". "I, like the Sikh community and Indians generally, have moved on from the issue that divided us nearly 40 years ago". He should never have received an invitation.

"If anybody has a specific accusation that they can point to, I'd like to hear it", Gill said.

Atwal and three others tried to kill the Punjabi minister near Gold River, while he was visiting B.C. for his nephew's wedding. He has attended functions with Trudeau before he was prime minister and possibly afterward. "Government of India has a conscious policy of outreach to Indian diaspora including misguided elements, who in past may have harbored anti-India sentiments, which they have since renounced".

But despite Atwal's past, his lawyer Rishi Gill stressed that Atwal is no longer considered a security threat, and suggested it is "fear mongering" to continue labeling him a terrorist.

"He basically went to this occasion, put his name in, he assumes he was vetted appropriately, he has not hid who he was, he has not changed his name", he said. "Mr. Atwal will be making himself available, with counsel, in order to provide a statement and answer press inquiries with respect to this matter" on Thursday, March 8 at 10 a.m. downtown Vancouver. "It's not as if the fact the events that occurred, again, nearly four decades ago were not in the news".

Sarai took responsibility for inviting Atwal and apologized for his lack of judgment, before resigning as chair of the party's B.C. caucus.

Jaspal Atwal, a convicted Sikh terrorist, has apologised for the "embarrassment" he caused to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and India by attending an event during his visit to Mumbai and asserted that he no longer supported the Sikh independence movement. Instead, he said Trudeau continuing to stand behind the theory his government floated, is dishonest. Jaspal Atwal was reportedly convicted in Canada for shooting at the then Punjab minister Malkiat Singh way back in 1986 Atwal was then apparently part of a banned radical Sikh militant group.

He was responding to a query of a journalist, who asked how the former activist of the now-outlawed International Sikh Youth Federation had visited India.