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Blue wave meets red wall: Republicans out vote Democrats in Texas primary

09 Марта 2018
Blue wave meets red wall: Republicans out vote Democrats in Texas primary

More than one million voters cast ballots in Democratic primaries across the state.

Democrats had their highest turnout in decades for Texas midterm primaries Tuesday. Or, maybe Republicans, even pro-choice Republicans, will vote for pro-life Republicans (and have in the past) to take the reins of state government for a broad list of other issues ranging from tax policy to highways to school funding and the other 99 percent of what Kansans expect from their government.

Democrats will also hold runoffs in the three House seats held by Republicans but carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Enthusiasm in the party still seems up. "They hate the president and are mobilizing in a powerful way". In midterm election with a controversial president's performance as material for a referendum, this doesn't exactly look like sunny news for Republicans. More than 58 percent of early voters were women, while Republican votes fell overall by 40 percent from 2016.

Democrats showed up despite the long odds this November of ousting Republicans such as Cruz - who released a radio ad after clinching the GOP nomination Tuesday night, telling voters that Democratic opponent Beto O'Rourke "wants to take our guns".

Asked in a separate CNN interview if he would respond with his own song, O'Rourke declined.

A number of civil rights groups reported what they said were polling problems in Harris County that they said kept people away from voting.

"Left-wing rage may raise a bunch of money from people online, but I don't believe it reflects the views of a majority of Texans", he told reporters after winning the nomination. "We can get into name-calling and talk about why the other person is such an bad guy, or we can focus on the big things that we want to do for the future of our country".

Texas has routinely elected GOP officials in statewide races for a generation, though recently with declining margins.

For Republicans, the primary was a vivid exhibition of the Trump effect in GOP politics. Republicans responded in even larger numbers, passing 1.5 million, breaking the party record of 1.48 million set in 2010.

Blue wave meets red wall: Republicans out vote Democrats in Texas primary

"It's Trump. It's Trump", said Veronica Escobar, who won her Democratic primary and is now poised to become one of the first Hispanic women to represent Texas in Congress.

According to the Gallup poll, 32% of Americans have seen their paychecks increase thanks to the law, a major talking point for Republicans trying to build support for the legislation.

In 2012, roughly 11 percent of registered Republicans voted in their party's primary compared to 4.5 percent of Democrats. "I'm not happy with it today", she said after voting at a Dallas church. "It's a uniquely anti-Trump state, because it has a rare combination of diversity and a suburban professional class".

While 2002 was a high water mark for Democratic turnout in Texas it also showed the limits of the exuberance for turning the state blue.

In central Texas' 21st Congressional District, for example, run-offs are on tap for both parties after 18 Republicans and four Democrats ran for the seat vacated by Republican Representative Lamar Smith. But the energy clearly was not with those candidates Tuesday night in Texas - on both sides.

The runoff election for Democratic gubernatorial and TX HD-64 candidates will be held on May 22 with the general election on November 6. "So I think the dynamic is that, coming into the fall, Republicans really need to sell their agenda", Ryun says. "And I share some of those frustrations".

Despite national Democrats' efforts, however, Moser came in second and will face a primary runoff against attorney Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, who led the crowded Democratic field with almost 30 percent of the vote. Democrats have 25 contested congressional primaries, and Senate nominee Beto O'Rourke raised $2.4 million in the final three months of 2017, more than Cruz's $1.9 million haul.

GOP operatives have gleefully watched the drama unfold.

In a memo posted online, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called Laura Moser a "Washington insider" and blasted her comments published in a 2014 Washingtonian magazine article. The House Democrats' campaign arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, has spent $300,000 on his behalf, but Lamb has tried his best to avoid being tied to his party's national brand.