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Carragher should not lose Sky job

13 March 2018
Carragher should not lose Sky job

LONDON (AP) - Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher was suspended as a soccer analyst by the Sky television network on Monday after being filmed spitting in the direction of a 14-year-old girl through his vehicle window.

In the video, the father repeatedly mentions the score and Carragher is heard to say, "Alright", before appearing to spit at the auto alongside his vehicle. The video - taken by the man - then shows Carragher spitting at the man's auto, before the girl says that the footballer has spat at her face.

Sky Sports described Carragher's actions as "unacceptable" and said it would be addressing the incident with him. For Christ's sake, he is supposed to be one of the top men.

He apologised on Twitter on Sunday, and said he was "goaded three/four times while being filmed" but there was "no excuse".

Murphy said: "There is no way I can come on here, no matter how much I respect him, and say what he has done is not wrong". The most important people I'd like to apologise for is the family involved. "I've done some stupid stuff but to do that stone cold sober, why is he so attached to the game?" said Barton.

SH: Tell me about the family. "I apologise for it, I'm getting vilified and rightly so", stated Carragher. "I was a role model, people looked to me".

She added: 'I was extremely angry and disappointed that he could even bring himself to do something like that.

Speaking to Sky News, the ex-Liverpool defender called it "a moment of madness".

"I think they're going through the old moral wringing their hands, putting him on new shows, Jamie's apologised very, very well - as he should".

'I was spat at once during my career. They have been dragged into this media storm by myself because of my actions.

In 2011, Sky sacked football pundit Andy Gray after evidence emerged of sexist behaviour towards female colleagues.

"It is Sky's decision, not my decision".

Danish broadcaster TV3 has also dropped Carragher from their coverage of Manchester United's Champions League tie against Sevilla on Tuesday. "The mistake I've made today is a huge one".