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Former Trump campaign aide wavers on defying Mueller inquiry

09 March 2018
Former Trump campaign aide wavers on defying Mueller inquiry

On Tuesday, Nunberg told The Washington Post he had chose to cooperate with the special counsel after receiving free legal advice on the air from MSNBC commentator and attorney Maya Wiley. He noted that Mueller's request for the records, which he initially called ridiculous, "was much easier to do than I initially thought". I don't know what it is.

The grand jury investigating alleged collusion between Russian Federation and Donald Trump's presidential campaign has sent a witness a subpoena seeking all documents involving the president and a host of his closest advisers, according to a copy of the subpoena received by former adviser Sam Nunberg and reviewed by NBC News.

Nunberg, who was sacked from the campaign in 2015 over racially charged social media post, received a subpoena to testify Friday before Robert Mueller's Russian Federation grand jury about his correspondence with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone. He was discharged from the Donald Trump campaign early on after it was revealed that he wrote some racially-charged Facebook posts.

He's been asked to appear before a grand jury and turn over thousands of emails and other communications with other former Trump campaign officials.

However, Fox Business Network's Charles Gasparino claimed that Nunberg had admitted to him on Monday that he was drinking and that he would be seeking "treatment" following his grand jury appearance on Friday.

The "Morning Joe" host speculated about what caused Nunberg's freaky tirade against the Trump administration, refusal to cooperate with Mueller and crude insults directed at White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

"Screw that", he told her. OK fine, yeah, she's unattractive, she's a fat slob. But that's unrelevant [sic]. "But that's irrelevant. The person she works for has a 30% approval rating".

He then made a number of hysterical claims in the interviews.

He told MSNBC that he would not be complying with the subpoena. "I think that he may have done something during the election", Nunberg told MSNBC. During the trip, Trump allegedly participated in lewd sex acts with Russian prostitutes, according to the Steele dossier.

"I would certainly have not advised him to ignore or refuse a document-production subpoena", Stone said in an interview with MSNBC.

"I was feeling sorry for that kid", Scarborough said.

Mueller's investigation arose in part from the findings of U.S. intelligence agencies that Russian Federation had meddled in the 2016 election and that its goals eventually included aiding Trump who won a surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

"I think that he [Trump] may have done something during the election", adding, "I don't know that for sure". The president has also denied the allegations.

Fresh off a series of tumultuous TV interviews, ex-Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg revealed Tuesday that he is contemplating seeking treatment for alcohol abuse. "He said awful things about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, says he wants to fight Corey Lewandowski in an alley ... he also had terrible things to say about Carter Page".

Mr Nunberg said: "Roger is my mentor". Trump, he said, "was talking about it a week before". Later, Nunberg asked Jake Tapper for advice in how to proceed with the summons. "I'm probably going to comply". "I'm not going to do it".

"I can't explain it unless you were in there", he replied.

A spokesman for the special counsel's office declined to comment.

Was told by CNN host Erin Burnett that she smelled alcohol on his breath.

"Nunberg took over cable news like a auto chase", the host of CBS' The Late Show said, rattling off some off the many TV stops the guy made today.