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Gabe Newell says Valve is going to start shipping games again

10 March 2018
Gabe Newell says Valve is going to start shipping games again

Valve is officially back to developing and shipping games. The first one coming out is Artifact which is a Dota-themed digital card game.

Gabe Newell has come out and stated that Valve is going to start shipping games again.

For the last decade or so Valve has focused on their online gaming and software store, Steam as well as making hardware for PC gaming.

Talking about the investment Valve has made in hardware and technology, Newell said that there was a "big hole" left in the market after the release of DOTA 2 that PUBG stepped in to fill. Newell's statement doesn't clarify if there are projects in the works beyond those games, but nature of the statement does seem to indicate that there are things coming we don't yet know about.

"We've always been a little bit jealous of companies like Nintendo", he added. "That's sort of good news!"

It should be noted Newell didn't say anything about Half-Life 3, so...

Excited for Valve's return to game development? "He can introduce new capabilities like motion input because he controls both of those things". "That really started to worry us", Newell stressed, "because we thought that the strength of the PC is about its openness.So we started to make some investments to offset that". The discussions surrounding another Portal game, and more importantly, Half-Life 3 are sure to flare up again now that Valve has officially announced they are moving back into the software space in a larger capacity. He's also mentioned three more VR games on the way.

"It feels like we've been stuck with mouse and keyboard for a really long time and that the opportunities to build much more interesting kinds of experiences for gamers were there, we just need to expand what we can do". And he can make the hardware look as good as possible because he's designing the software at the same time. Valve saw the likes of Microsoft and Facebook (with the Oculus purchase) attempting to build closed ecosystems in Windows and VR and Valve wanted to head that off at the pass. "That's something we've been jealous of, and that's something you'll see us taking advantage of subsequently".