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Karnataka government approves state flag, to seek approval from Centre

09 March 2018
Karnataka government approves state flag, to seek approval from Centre

Karnataka government, on Thursday, took a historic decision to have separate State flag.

Siddaramaiah unveiled the flag after chairing a meeting of pro-Kannada organisations, activists and literary personalities, where they unanimously approved the design.

The tri-coloured flag has red, white and yellow with state emblem "Ganda Bherunda". a two-headed mythical bird in the middle, which symbolises strength.

It also has the state's emblem "Gandaberunda" at the centre, but will not have the inscription "Satyameva Jayate, he said". The new flag is a takeoff from what was before informally used as the Kannada hail.

Reportedly, in 2014, Patil Puttappa, a 96-year-old veteran journalist and Kannada activist, along with others approached the Karnataka government, demanding a separate official flag for the state.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who has been cleverly playing the Kannada identity politics and invoke the spirit of Kannada pride, has made it clear that a separate flag for a State is not unconstitutional as there is no specific bar on State's having separate flags. "While Karnataka is our homeland, India is our country", Siddaramaiah said and pointed out that the State Government would send its application to the Centre shortly. Following a huge protest over Hindi imposition by the Centre, Siddaramaiah had ordered removal of Hindi signage from Bengaluru Metro in last July.

Even the Union Home Ministry had expressed its disapproval then. CM Siddaramaiah was present when the state flag "Naada Dwaja" was formally unveiled. "A long-cherished dream has come true", he later tweeted.

He said the BJP had no objection to the state flag and even its design. The red and yellow unofficial flag was created by Kannada writer and activist Ma Ramamurthy for a pro-Kannada political party called the Kannada Paksha. Hope they approve it. It is not used during national ceremonies like Republic Day or Independence Day, but people hoist it across the state on 1 November every year to mark the day the state was formed. "I am happy that we finally have a Kannada Baavuta (Kannada Flag)", as quoted by News 18.