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Kathy Griffin says she is embarking on comeback tour after Trump photo

12 March 2018
Kathy Griffin says she is embarking on comeback tour after Trump photo

Griffin has not specified the dates of her upcoming shows in NY, which she also announced on Twitter, and in Washington.

Griffin appeared Friday on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher".

The shows come more than nine months after she provoked outrage for a photo in which she held a fake severed head appearing to depict President Donald Trump.

The comedian announced the performances during a top-of-the-show appearance on "Real Time With Bill Maher", telling Maher: "I just booked a show at Carnegie Hall in NY, and I'm also gonna go right to Trump's backyard and do a show at the Kennedy Center".

Griffin, who called the controversial photo "distasteful but not illegal", recounted her story tonight in terms both comic and serious.

She later added dates at multiple other US cities including San Francisco and Boston as well as several Canadian venues. "TMZ was reporting my show cancellations in real time", she said of her stand-up tour.

"I'm dipping my toes into touring again", Griffin said, asserting that the president and his supporters would likely prefer she never worked again.

The comedian said during a press conference a year ago that Trump bullied her over the photo, and accused the first family of "personally trying to ruin [her] life forever".

Griffin had multiple shows canceled and was sacked from her position as a host of CNN's New Year's Eve coverage in the aftermath.

The Secret Service even begun an investigation into the comedian and interviewed her. She recounted a vile and violent threat that she said was the most common one she received.

"This is really scary when you're at the Singapore airport", she said, adding that her devices were confiscated even at LAX and London Heathrow. "There's like whispering, and they put me in a detention room and you don't know how long it's going to take". They can do that'.

Determined not to do a "perp walk", Griffin and her attorneys negotiated to have the DOJ interrogation take place at her attorney's office. I didn't assault anybody.

She contrasted that public support with other unnamed "celebrities" who, she said, texted her "saying "Don't tell anybody about this text, [but] I totally support you".