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SERIAL BOMBER? Third Explosion in TWO WEEKS Rocks Austin, Leaves Teenager Dead

13 March 2018
SERIAL BOMBER? Third Explosion in TWO WEEKS Rocks Austin, Leaves Teenager Dead

The teen died at the scene of Monday's first explosion, while the woman was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Two deadly explosions in Austin in the last two weeks are likely related, Austin police said Monday as they investigated the latest incident at a home in east Austin.

The Austin interim police chief, Brian Manley, warned residents on Monday not to touch any unexpected or suspicious packages.

"There are similarities that we can not rule out that these two items are, in fact, related", Manley said.

According to the Associated Press, police say they are working to determine if the morning bombing and one that occurred earlier this month are hate crimes because the victims in both cases were black.

After Monday's explosion, investigators have reclassified House's death from a suspicious death to a homicide.

Investigators do not yet know the motive behind the bombings, but the chief said, "We do know that both of the homes that were the recipients of these packages belonged to African Americans, so we can not rule out that hate crime is at the core of this, but we're not saying that that's the cause".

The FBI field office in San Antonio also said it was assisting Austin police with the investigation.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said the APD and the USPS will work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ATF National Response Team along with other agencies to investigate and they will "leave no stone unturned".

Further details about the second explosion weren't immediately released.

Explosive packages left on the doorsteps of Austin residences have killed two and injured at least two more in the span of ten days.

He says that package was brought into the kitchen where it detonated.

Boulevard. Police said they received a report from a caller that there was some type of explosion and that two people were injured.

"We do see similarities and believe these cases are linked at this time", Manley said. She was reported to be in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. And while police are checking with other delivery services, including Amazon, UPS and FedEx, Manley said it appeared the packages were not delivered through traditional services.

Due to a high level of calls, Manley noted that it may take officers a little while to arrive, but he said "we will respond".

The three explosions occurred in different parts of east Austin. The police chief declined to discuss the construction of the explosive device or what specific elements make it look similar to the earlier one. That could mean a package that wasn't expected, a package from someone you weren't expecting to receive a package from or a package that gives you cause for concern.

This map shows three reported explosions in the Austin, Texas area.