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Taylor Swift Drops 'Delicate' Video, Dances Like No Ones Watching!

13 March 2018
Taylor Swift Drops 'Delicate' Video, Dances Like No Ones Watching!

Taylor Swift plays a standard celebrity who's exhausted of the never-ending fame and media attention.

Taylor Swift's new music video dropped on Sunday night, but to some fans, the Joseph Kahn-directed clip for "Delicate" looked a little familiar. Qualley starts the clip in a similarly-toned dress looking bored at a gala before she makes her escape and goes wild to the tune of "Mutant Brain" by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums ft.

Twitter users were quick to point out what they thought were similarities between the two videos, calling Swift's music video "the poor man's version" of the Kenzo ad.

Qualley spends much of the commercial dancing wildly and pulling silly faces while making her way through the corridors of a fancy building - much like Swift does in the video for Delicate.

The video ends when Swift finds herself at the dive bar she mentioned at the beginning of the song, suddenly visible again and locking eyes with the writer of the magical note. She leaps and twirls through subway stations, trains and eventually the streets, as rain pours down from above. Ed Sheeran and Future.

Although the song is insightful and the video has meaning, it's a side of Swift we're not quite used to seeing.

New song "Delicate" shows a softer side to the American artist, a case of the ice queen melting in the face of a new crush.

Watch the "Delicate" video below! I'm actually in rehearsals right now, and that's why I am not there.

We know a lot of Swifties out there have a lot of mixed feelings about this video, but we think it's the first sign that the old Taylor is in fact NOT dead. No one notices her and she continues to dance. Early on in the video, the A-lister is seen sporting a serpent design on her finger.