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YouTube live streams will soon include automatic captions

01 March 2018
YouTube live streams will soon include automatic captions

The main goal behind this move is to make streams accessible for more people.

Perhaps the most important innovation YouTube Live will soon become automatic captions. With this, users can live stream videos through their channels to their subscribers, and, can also interact with the viewers in real-time through the chat.

Location tagging is another new feature that can be added to both mobile live streams and uploaded videos. Live Chat Replay Now you can replay...

Additionally for creators, your Super Chat can be integrated with IFTTT, meaning a Super Chat can trigger a real-life event. The feature will use Google's LASR technology to provide captions that have latency and error rates that may not be ideal, but almost as good as industry standards.

YouTube creators can now geotag the location they are recording at, while streaming live from their smartphone.

YouTube added automatic captions in 2009 and it has auto-captioned more than one billion videos since then.

Google has been working on the issue for more than a decade, adding basic captioning in 2006 and rolling out automatic captions a few years later.

During the live broadcast YouTube Live works chat, with which users can interact with the author and among themselves. Also, location tags let viewers search by geography.

Users can also explore other videos with the same location tag by simply clicking on it and can also use the location filter on the search results page to find other videos from a specific spot, YouTube said.

Next feature that will be airing on YouTube is Super Chat feature allows users to see their chats emphasized in a chat stream. Super Chat released on desktop and android past year.