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Amazon rumoured to be developing a domestic robot

24 April 2018
Amazon rumoured to be developing a domestic robot

According to a new Bloomberg report, Amazon is working on building home robots. This is the Amazon division behind the development of the Echo and the Fire tablets and set-top boxes. While the project has been in development for some years, the company has recently stepped up its hiring. The Lab 126 Jobs page now has numerous listings for software engineers who specialize in robotics and principle sensors engineers. Sources who spoke to Bloomberg suggest the robot might be able to follow you around and act as a mobile Alexa-powered speaker, but that hardly seems like a sufficient reason to have a robot. "People familiar with the project" told Bloomberg that Vesta could be a mobile Alexa, as prototypes involve cameras and software that enable the bot to "navigate through homes like a self-driving auto".

News reports surfaced today that Amazon may be working on it's own robot. No information on pricing so far.

It's unclear what tasks an Amazon robot might perform. Those robots are developed to carry goods around Amazon warehouses, while the home robots will have some sort of virtual assistant function similar to LG's Cloi, which was unveiled at this year's CES.

Amazon's reported robot will ship before anything Apple has in the works. In the future, Alexa will sense a deviation from the baseline of what your voice typically sounds like, then use this to inform your experience with Alexa-enabled devices. People are much more protective of their homes than any other space, he said. The canine bot also costs $1,800, or about the same price as a real dog from a breeder. The idea is it would be equipped with sophisticated computer-vision capabilities so it could navigate a home like a Roomba robot vacuum.

As deployments by companies like Face++ and Baidu in China make plain, your face could also be used to verify purchases or make payments. By 2023, its worth is expected to jump to $15 million, according to an estimate from Research and Markets.