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Bon Jovi reunites for performance

16 April 2018
Bon Jovi reunites for performance

Bon Jovi, the Moody Blues, Dire Straits, the Cars, Nina Simone and Sister Rosetta Tharpe joined music royalty on Saturday as they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I think you'll have to ask him'.

The band will be inducted by Howard Stern. Following these speeches, the group took to the stage to perform this long-awaited reunion, which also included an appearance from Alec John Such for the first time since 2001, after leaving the group in 1994.

Bon Jovi reunited with their original line up at the event.

Legendary rock band Bon Jovi, were the first band to take the stage, with radio host Howard Stern on hand to introduce them.

After an "In memoriam" montage of those who passed in the past year, Heart's Anne Wilson and Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell delivered a tribute to Chris Cornell. Whether this was at the behest of the Rock Hall or the lack of willingness by the band, though, only one thing for now remains certain: Be, bop, a, lua, baby, this was a major bummer. "I've got mixed emotions", he said. R&B superstar Mary J. Blige welcomed Simone into the Rock Hall, and R&B singer Andra Day performed in her honor.

The band clearly loved the speech, laughing hysterically in the audience. The Cars, founded in Boston in 1976, combined New Wave and classic rock sounds.

Cars vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ric Ocasek attended Bowling Green State University earlier in his life, but it didn't last long, Mr. Milliken said. "It's quite unusual to be here without him", Ocasek said in reference to Orr. As a way of acknowledging influential acts who haven't been inducted into the Rock Hall (and probably won't ever be inducted), guitarist Steven Van Zandt gave awards to six singles, including Chubby Checker's "The Twist" and Link Wray's "Rumble".

Flowers will deliver the induction speech to welcome The Cars into the Hall. The book features more than 120 interviews from people who knew the musician personally.

Now that the Induction Ceremony will be taking place every other year in the Rock Hall City, fans can look forward to the 35th affair when acts such as Weezer, Oasis, Daft Punk and Usher are eligible.

Overall, while this year's Induction Ceremony didn't have the star power of previous evenings held in Cleveland, the high-profile event had its moments.

Wilson reminded the sellout crowd at the Public Auditorium that the band never strayed far from its roots, saying, "the Moody Blues have always been a kick-ass rock band".