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Dershowitz confronts Hannity: 'You should have disclosed your relationship with Cohen'

17 April 2018

President Donald Trump's personal attorney has been forced to reveal that another of his clients is Fox News host Sean Hannity.

The disclosure was the latest surprise in a highly unusual court case in which the president is fighting his own Justice Department. "I mean, even Instagram models will have higher standards".

Stephen Ryan, a lawyer for Mr Cohen, drew gasps and laughter from the public gallery when he named Mr Hannity as the client.

Dershowitz's criticism came after courts revealed Hannity as a previously secret client of Cohen. She said the government should put the documents in a searchable database to help with the review, and prosecutors said they expected they could determine by midweek how rapidly they can accomplish that.

Sean Hannity shares a world view with President Donald Trump and on Monday it was revealed, with some reluctance, that he shares a lawyer, too. That is not the case, Hannity insisted on his radio show. I never received an invoice.

"Michael never represented me in any matter", Hannity said.

In an effort to distinguish his interactions with Cohen from those of Trump and Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy (the other two clients), Hannity implied that his own exchanges with Cohen did not entail the silencing of any alleged sexual partner, as these exchanges did not involve any third party.

Hannity did not budge from his earlier statements on his Fox program Monday night, sticking by his defense that Cohen never represented him in any legal matter and their relationship was "almost exclusively focused on real estate".

In a filing earlier Monday, Cohen's lawyers said investigators "took everything" during raids last week on his residence and office.

Hannity talked about the Federal Bureau of Investigation raid of Cohen's home and law offices repeatedly.

Cohen is under federal investigation for a number of crimes, reportedly including bank fraud and campaign finance violations.

"Unlike a search of a traditional law office, the information gathered thus far in the investigation suggests that the overwhelming majority of evidence seized during the searches will not be privileged material, but rather will relate to Cohen's business dealings".

Both women claimed to have had affairs with Trump, who has denied the allegations, more than a decade ago. Daniels was in the courtroom on Monday for the arguments.

"Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter". "I think that the chickens are about to come home to roost". The Playmate became pregnant and elected to have an abortion.

Cohen's lawyers were required by a federal judge in NY to disclose the names of his clients Monday as part of an argument over attorney-client privilege and how it applies to records seized from Cohen last week by the FBI.

The Fox News host has always been one of Mr. Trump's most zealous supporters.

Mr Cohen thought it worthy of a declaration to the court, and the fact Hannity thought his viewers didn't deserve the same courtesy goes to the heart of his problem. Hannity did not disclose to his audience that Cohen was also his attorney.

The judge rejected Cohen's and Trump's request for a temporary restraining order because prosecutors agreed to hold off reviewing the records seized in last week's raids.

President Donald Trump's personal attorney is set to appear in federal court to argue over evidence found during a recent FBI raid, and porn star Stormy Daniels' lawyer says she'll be there. Outside afterward, she said Cohen has acted like he's above the law and that she and her lawyer are committed to making sure everyone learns the truth.

The hearing ended yesterday with no ruling on who gets to filter the seized documents.