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Gmail for business gets a new look and expiring email

26 April 2018
Gmail for business gets a new look and expiring email

Google has overhauled one of its most powerful services-Gmail email.

The Gmail changes will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Google is planning to freshen up the interface and will be adding to the main interface to make it easier for users to access related tools.

The fresh redesign for Google's Gmail introduces self-destructing messages and a new confidentiality mode for the first time.

Google has yet not announced when are these changes available on the mobile app but the web changes are soon available till this Wednesday.

Revamped Gmail has "a brand new look on the web, advanced security features, new applications of Google's artificial intelligence and even more integrations with other G Suite apps", according to Thacker. Hover over the email and a host of options appear, including the ability to snooze it for nine hours and deal with it in the morning once you've got some coffee in you.

Artificial intelligence is being put to work in new Gmail features including "nudging" people to tend to neglected messages and automated reply suggestions along the lines of those added to a mobile version of the email service previous year.

Gmail is also importing one of the more useful features from its mobile app, bringing over Smart Replies, which offers up three short prewritten replies based on how you respond to email and the context of the email itself.

Two-factor authentication: Still under the confidential mode, Google has added a two-factor authentication feature. The app will also automatically help you unsubscribe from newsletters you haven't opened or read in a while. What that means is that the email can be revoked at the expiration of a set date.

The update comes with a "confidential mode" that removes the options to forward, copy, download or print messages in order to help protect sensitive information.

Users can also have a message expire at a certain point.

There's a reason for all this; Google's G Suite has been making an attempt to peel a few enterprise customers away from Microsoft's Office 365 for years, and the ability to lock down emails makes Google's pitch to IT managers much stronger. Anyone who wants to try the changes now should make sure all software and browsers are updated, go to Settings in the top right corner and select the option for "Try the new Gmail".