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James Comey admits polls were 'a factor' in email announcement

15 April 2018
James Comey admits polls were 'a factor' in email announcement

So much so, that Comey wrote in his new book that he anxious the FBI, Justice Department and Clinton's potential presidency would face intense criticism if he hadn't announced the reopening of her private email server probe less than two weeks before the election.

"I don't remember spelling it out, but it required been, she's definitely going to be elected president if I cover this from the American individuals, " she'll be illegitimate now she's elected, this comes out", Comey added.

A report from Axios Saturday claims excerpts from his upcoming book indicate he believes he mishandled the Clinton investigation.

At the July 5, 2017, press conference, with a presidential election just months away, Comey gave a lengthy statement criticizing Clinton but ultimately explaining the FBI's reasoning for not recommending charges.

During the presidential campaign one million years ago, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been investigating Hillary Clinton for allegedly mishandling emails as Secretary of State.

In early 2016, the USA government became aware of information from a classified source, and "the source and content of that material remains classified as I write this", according to the book.

"James Comey has done something remarkable", he said. The first is that general over-confidence in a Clinton victory led her campaign to make a series of strategic errors (e.g, putting resources into states like Arizona and Georgia while shirking the "Clinton Firewall" states that eventually swung the electoral college to Trump) while convincing many of her potential voters that it was safe to stay home on Election Day.

The controversy involved Clinton'once she had been secretary of condition beneath Barack Obama, for example for messages that have been determined to include classified 39, using a private email server for official correspondence.

Comey has said that he made the public announcement in part because he was concerned concealing the FBI's investigation would imply bias.

In fact, Comey paints a picture that's arguably a tad too descriptive about a physical interaction he had with ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, recalling the experience as awkward and particularly tense. "It took a lot of guts".