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PM Modi, BJP leaders observe fast today

13 April 2018
PM Modi, BJP leaders observe fast today

Modi, who had left for Tamil Nadu earlier in the day to inaugurate the Defence Expo before returning to Delhi, worked through the day while observing the fast, a BJP leader said.

Although Rupani was scheduled to sit on a "symbolic fast" with other BJP leaders at Lal Darwaja area here between 11 am and 5 pm, he chose to observe the fast while working from Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad city BJP president Jagdish Panchal said.

"Organizing fasts is symbolic in nature and holds a lot of importance with respect to what the issue at hand is".

Addressing a gathering in Dharwad, Shah lambasted the Congress, saying a party which lacks "internal democracy" can not protect democracy in the country.

"The opposition parties have resorted to dirty tricks of disrupting the Parliament and spreading canards against the ruling BJP".

"But you know what the reporter told me... he said Karnataka is ATM of corruption for Congress".

Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda joined the fast in Modi's parliamentary constituency Varanasi.

Terming Parliament as the "temple of democracy" and "biggest panchayat in democracy", Shah alleged that because of the stand taken by the Congress and its president Rahul Gandhi, the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha could not function. They had nothing to do with people's welfare.

While BJP workers and leaders went on a sit-down fast across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his work while on fast.

"We said we are ready to even discuss the no-confidence motion (if it was brought), because their no-confidence could not have done anything as the people of this country have confidence in Narendra Modi", he said.

Holding the state government responsible for about 3,500 farmers committing suicide due to agrarian crisis over the last 5 years, the BJP chief said though the central government had released funds for irrigation projects, the farmers did not benefit as many of them could not be completed due to delays and graft. Vinay Tendulkar is the lone Rajya Sabha MP from the state. Incidentally, it is not clear how the video clip of the BJP legislators enjoying the snack during the fast came into the public domain as the party had issued strict instructions against any publicity stunts on social media networks. "Prime Minister, best wishes for your fast".