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PM urges United Nations based resolution over airstrikes

16 April 2018
PM urges United Nations based resolution over airstrikes

Following air strikes launched at Syria by a US-led coalition including France and the UK as a response to a purported chemical weapons attack on civilians by forces loyal to Assad, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has warned that further aggressive moves by the West risk a "full-blown military escalation" in the region, according to the Independent.

"France will shoulder its responsibility to end an intolerable threat to our collective security", said French Ambassador Francois Delattre, who called for an end to the "chemical weapons escalation in Syria".

In an earlier statement, the United Nations chief said a new Cold War had begun in the wake of a deadly suspected chemical attack in Syria. Moscow and Washington had traded bitter accusations over potential American military action.

US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert also condemned the UN's decision, calling it an "outrage".

The strikes carried out by the United States, Britain, and France were aimed at "degrading the Syrian regime's capability and deterring the use of chemical weapons", she said.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is deepening again, he said.

The draft resolution expresses support for a fact-finding mission by the OPCW and requests that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres separately dispatch a "high-level disarmament mission" with the task of addressing "all outstanding issues on the use of chemical weapons once and for all".

"This multiplicity of divides is reflected in a multiplicity of conflicts with different degrees of interconnection, several of them clearly linked to the threat of global terrorism", he said.

"However ... any action that would lead to the failure or harm activities led by Turkey, Iran and Russian Federation toward a lasting peace should be avoided", Yildirim said.

Syrian opposition activists and medics say a suspected gas attack last week killed more than 40 people in Douma.

The Swedish-drafted text calls for the establishment of an investigative panel to identify the perpetrators of chemical weapons use in Syria after Russian Federation this week vetoed a U.S. proposal to set up such a mechanism.

The Government, however, said evacuations from Douma were ongoing and no Syrian Government forces had entered the town.

"Intelligence agencies of a state that is now striving to spearhead a Russophobic campaign were involved in that fabrication", he said.