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Protests in Yerevan: announced the beginning of the revolution

17 April 2018
Protests in Yerevan: announced the beginning of the revolution

The civil unrest led by Nikol Pashinyan, the leader of Civil Contract opposition party and a member of the Armenian parliament, began in Yerevan on April 13.

Parliament is expected to elect ex-president Serzh Sarkisian as prime minister under a new parliamentary system of government that will allow the 63-year-old to maintain his chokehold on the country.

Thousands of angry opposition supporters clashed with riot police in Yerevan on Monday as they marched to the Armenian parliament in protest against its intention to appoint former President Serzh Sarkisian as the country's prime minister.

"I call on all of the population of Yerevan and other towns and cities in Armenia to take to the streets tomorrow (Tuesday), block the main axes, and start a strike", Nikol Pashinian told a rally.

Throughout the day, Pashinyan kept stressing that "the police are our brothers" and repeatedly apologized to policemen for the inconvenience caused by the demonstrations and called on protesters not to attack police, verbally or otherwise.

Activists stormed several schools.

Several thousand people blocked traffic Monday morning in the capital of this former Soviet nation, camping out on the streets to protest a change of government that they see as a fig leaf by the ex-president to stay in power.

The scuffles were short-lived, as the police were able to repel the offensive and push the demonstrators back.

"In Armenia there is something unprecedented: the same person wants to become the leader of the country for the third time".

"We can not let this happen".

Internal troops deployed in front of the marchers fence, covered with barbed wire. In the result there are victims.

Later Pashinyan commented on his status: "Hands injured".

Armenia's ruling Republican party nominated former President Serzh Sarksyan as its candidate for prime minister on Saturday, drawing renewed criticism from opponents who accuse Sarksyan of engineering a power grab.