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RFD passengers react to faulty flight allegations with Allegiant Airlines

17 April 2018
RFD passengers react to faulty flight allegations with Allegiant Airlines

In a separate incident in September 2017, one passenger of Allegiant Flight 514 said the plane's cabin began to fill with smoke shortly after landing in Fresno, California.

The report claims an "alarming number" of aborted takeoffs, engine failures and emergency landings for the Las Vegas-based airline, whose CEO was formerly an executive of the ill-fated ValuJet.

In addition, Bahrami said the FAA ongoing evaluation of the airline's safety compliance has not discovered any significant or systemic issues with Allegiant's current operations during its 2016 audit of the airline.

Low-fare air carrier Allegiant Air, the only commercial airline that flies in and out of Punta Gorda Airport, is under fire following Sunday night's 60 Minutes investigation.

"Sometimes you get painted with a big broad brush, you know, they say Allegiant Airlines everybody thinks Allegiant everywhere, but we've had ideal runs here", said Manns.

Allegiant is known as a low-priced airline.

Whitmer went on to say, OWB employees are constantly trained by the airline on safety measures and customer service.

Dan Reed, a journalist who has covered the airline industry for 34 years and now writes about it for Forbes, predicted the "60 Minutes" report will have "a neglible impact on demand for the kind of service Allegiant offers".

Sunday's "60 Minutes" report detailed more than 100 of what it described as serious mechanical incidents between the start of 2016 and October 2017.

It says Allegiant had more than 40 in-flight emergencies or unscheduled landings in 2016, and is nearly four times more likely to experience a mid-flight breakdown than Delta, United or American airlines.

In the years following, the airline replaced its entire fleet of aircraft at the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport with Airbus models.

The flight was only in the air for about 10 minutes before turning back to Vegas, which Church said brought on a panic attack. I've been a pilot for close to 20 years, 4 of those years with Allegiant, and I am deeply offended by the accusations made about our operation in the recent 60 Minutes story.

The FAA on Monday released a letter in which associate administrator of safety Ali Bahrami defended the agency's performance by pointing to the lack of a fatal crash involving a USA airline since 2009.

"The Teamsters Airline Division will continue to work with our members and Allegiant to ensure their safety and the safety of the flying public". "It may well be what's allowed Allegiant to fly under the radar", 60 Minutes concluded. He says he has flown many times on Allegiant. He said the FAA is being "a safety partner" to the airlines, and "it is working". None of those incidents led to enforcement action from the FAA. He said the airline complies with all FAA requirements, and that any suggestion the airline muzzled employees "is offensive and defamatory".