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Spotify And Hulu Launch Bundled Streaming Package

12 April 2018
Spotify And Hulu Launch Bundled Streaming Package

Today, Spotify is launching a new bundle in the United States, in collaboration with TV-on-demand service Hulu. The new package follows the launch of Spotify Premium for Students, which also included the Hulu bundle.

Existing Spotify Premium subscribers interested in the new bundle can simply upgrade their existing Premium plan to Spotify Premium, Now With Hulu. Any of the 71 million people now paying for Spotify Premium (in the US) will get the chance to trial Hulu for three months for just 99 cents, after which the subscription price will go up to $3 a month (on top of the Spotify subscription).

Enrolled members will have access to both Spotify Premium and Hulu Limited Commercials.

Spotify is available in 61 countries and has a user base of 159 million, including ad-supported free listeners.

In September of previous year, Spotify and Hulu announced their partnership package which aimed at students, providing them with both streaming services at just $4.99 a month.

The two services teamed up last fall to offer a students-only special bundle for a discounted price.

Spotify and Hulu partnership permits users to access both services for just $12.99 per month. If your service ended anytime in the a year ago, then you'll have to immediately pay the full $12.99 instead of getting the discounted trial run. The offer gives users an initial three-month Hulu subscription for $0.99 cents, and then begins charging the monthly combined price of $12.99.

The Spotify Hulu package might also be a sign the pay app universe is getting spooked by a glut of services. Bundles like those that have existed in the linear television industry for decades are seen as a way to encourage new sign-ups in an age of dozens of subscription streaming options across entertainment and music. The TV and film streaming service created original series including The Handmaid's Tale.

Spotify said the student offer was "incredibly well received". This Hulu and Spotify bundled offer does offer some value at $13 for both and will be interesting to watch and see if it gains wide appeal, causing digital and legacy competitors alike to respond.