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Steve Spurrier to coach new Orlando professional football team

08 April 2018
Steve Spurrier to coach new Orlando professional football team

Spurrier will coach in the planned Alliance of American Football.

Former University of Florida head coach Steve Spurrier is leaving the Gators again, this time to head up a spring league team based in Orlando.

"What first captured my attention was Charlie and Bill's commitment to putting top-flight, professional football on the field and creating a true alliance between fans, players and the game", Spurrier said in a statement released by the league.

"We brought in the best players and the best coaches to be at the top of the organization".

The all-time winningest coach at both Florida and USC said he was intrigued by the league and it's new rules, which include two-and-half hour games and 30 seconds in between plays, and the opportunity to include great players who don't make it into the NFL.

Spurrier, who wasn't as successful in the National Football League as he was the college ranks, will become the first coach of the AAF's first team which will be based in Orlando and call UCF their home stadium next winter. "Those players get a chance to continue playing even if they don't play at the highest level, and then maybe someday they play well enough to go to the highest level".

The AAF will sell itself as minor league professional league, offering players a proving ground for the NFL. The player side will be overseen by former Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, and the team side will be guided by former Southern California standout and executive J.K. McKay.

Spurrier will coach in a league co-founded by TV producer Charlie Ebersol and ex-NFL general manager Bill Polian. The network will also carry the Alliance of American Football's championship game on the final weekend of April 2019.

Ebersol's league is set to debut one year earlier than its rival, the revamped XFL under Vince McMahon.

Ebersol explained to CBS' Anthony Mason and Dana Jacobson how an onside kick will work with no kickoffs: A team looking to get the ball back will have it at the 35-yard line with a fourth-and-10. You gotta put quality football - football has to be the focus.