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Tonight's Blue Moon is Also a Paschal Moon to Welcome Easter 2018

02 April 2018
Tonight's Blue Moon is Also a Paschal Moon to Welcome Easter 2018

This will be the second and final Blue Moon of 2018, so don't miss it! Blue moon is the term used to call the second full moon of the month. This full Moon is referred to as the Paschal full Moon.

Unlike the "worm moon", the " blue moon" will reach peak fullness early in the morning at approximately 8:37 a.m. ET on March 31. See the Moon Phase Calendar for your city/state. The moon circles Earth every 27 days, but the geometry of the positioning of the Earth, sun and moon is the same every 29.5 days. The moon might not appear blue at all and just be like any other ordinary full moon.

That is correct. We had another full moon back on the 1st of March, so the full moon happening on the 31st of March will be the second one of the month.

This year's Paschal Moon is indeed quite special, and it also happens to be a Blue Moon.

An airplane flies in front of the Blue Moon of January 31, 2015. The first full moon for the month of March was however visible on 2 of March.

That's partially because we have two accepted definitions for "blue moon". But it has to do with atmospheric conditions - not calendar time.

When can I see the blue moon? However, some calendar years get two blue moons. Dust storms or forest fires can also generate this effect.

Under current definitions, this will be the last blue moon until Halloween of 2020. The January Blue Moon was also a supermoon, and it occurred during a total lunar eclipse. The only factor the moon would certainly show up to have a blue color to it would certainly be if there was some kind of bit in the ambience filtering system the light as well as triggering it to show up blue.

Tonight's mostly clear skies in southeast Louisiana will be flawless for viewing. You can watch the webcast directly from Slooh here. Slooh will run a live webcast at 4 p.m. EDT (2000 GMT) that you can view here.