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True crime writer credited for renewing interest in Golden State Killer case

26 April 2018
True crime writer credited for renewing interest in Golden State Killer case

Also known as the "East Area Rapist" and "Original Nightstalker", the Golden State Killer carried out at least 12 murders, more than 50 rapes and 120 home burglaries in California between 1976 and 1986, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

At the end of her bestselling true crime book "I'll Be Gone In The Dark: One Woman's Search For The Golden State Killer", author Michelle McNamara wrote an open letter to the California serial killer responsible for at least 12 homicides and nearly 50 rapes.

Billy Jensen, an author who helped write the recently published book about the case, "I'll Be Gone in the Dark", told The Daily Beast that DeAngelo was the suspect arrested in the East Area Rapist/Visalia Ransacker/Golden State Killer cases. It's been over 30 years since the last recorded attack.

DeAngelo was listed in Sacramento County jail records as being booked early Wednesday on two counts of murder from a Ventura County Sheriff's Department warrant.

Authorities in Sacramento County have also arrested DeAngelo on suspicion of murder in the killings of married couple Brian and Katie Maggiore in 1978.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.

The Golden State Killer was known for a series of home break-ins that took place while either a single female resident or a couple were sleeping.

"Maybe raising awareness on these cases helps these investigators and helps the district attorney justify the allocation of resources to these cases and helps them get solved".

Federal Bureau of Investigation and California officials in 2016 renewed their search for the attacker dubbed the East Area Rapist and announced a $50,000 reward for his arrest and conviction.

"I was not terribly interested in true crime". He's linked to more than 175 crimes in all between 1976 and 1986. He tied them up and threatened to kill the woman, who broke free and alerted neighbors by screaming.

He and Winters were also working on identifying the "Visalia Ransacker", a serial burglar who operated in Visalia, California during the mid-1970s.

In an updated episode, GOLDEN STATE KILLER CAUGHT: PEOPLE MAGAZINE INVESTIGATES, PEOPLE's editor-in-chief Jess Cagle and senior writer Christine Pelisek delve into the iconic Golden State Killer case.

On Wednesday - four days after the second anniversary of her death - California authorities finally arrested a suspect, leading McNamara's fans to credit her with helping to find justice from beyond the grave.

"It kept interest and tips coming in", Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said.

Later than same month, according to Auburn Journal archives, DeAngelo went on trial for the shoplifting case and was convicted by a jury on October 31, the website said.

The FBI says it has a team gathering evidence at a Sacramento-area home linked to DeAngelo.

As he committed crimes across the state, authorities called him by different names.

"I just wonder when he first saw me, how long he had been stalking me", said Carson-Sandler, who was in the Air Force reserves and studying to be a nurse at the time of the attack.

Oswalt, who shared her passion for the case, said after her death, "It's so clear that the stress led her to make some bad choices in terms of the pharmaceuticals she was using, " according to the New York Times. He said DeAngelo could often be heard cursing in frustration in his backyard.

Carson-Sandler was attacked by the Golden State Killer in her Citrus Heights home on October 5, 1976. "But at the same time I'm just like, he was a weird guy".

"I hope you got him, Michelle", Oswalt tweeted.