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Uber app to offer public transport tickets

13 April 2018
Uber app to offer public transport tickets

The District is the testing ground for several of the company's projects.

The partnerships will provide a new mode of transport to Uber's range and lead to the facilitation of seamless multimodal journeys; relieving the need for vehicle ownership... "We are in this to promote shared transportation in general".

Essilor will offer drivers free eye checkups regularly to ensure that they have healthy vision thus promoting road safety. The money raised from this tax would help fund Metro.

In a FTC press release, the agency said the breach - which was not revealed until November 2017 - occurred in the fall of 2016 and was the result of "lax security choices Uber made in its use of the third-party cloud storage service".

An Uber spokeswoman said the company is pleased with the decision.

Uber revealed that in 2016 it has paid a "researcher" $100,000 to destroy the information and fed the payment through its bug bounty program. "I don't really ride the Metro", said one customer.

"The fact is that human beings are sometimes good, and sometimes not", Khosrowshahi said. "We're excited to move forward with cities".

He added, "We do see this investment in mass transit as an investment that ultimately long term is going to benefit us as well".

In his comments on the panel, Khosrowshahi described how proposals such as Bowser's could affect startups, which rely on large sums of venture capital to subsidize their fares, by hampering their growth. "As we think about a solution for urban mobility for cities, we have to have a solution for auto ownership and we have to work together to make sure that living in a city or living in an urban destination doesn't require you to own a vehicle", he said.

The ride-hailing app company launched four new initiatives at an event in Washington, DC, and also discussed its acquisition of dockless electric bike-sharing company Jump, announced earlier this week.

The partnership with Getaround will be dubbed "Uber Rent", and will be piloted in San Francisco before a wider roll-out.

The agreement provides Uber with access to 12,000 dockless, pedal-assist, GPS-enables bikes now present in 40 cities within six countries. Uber is already integrating the bikesharing service in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., and it plans to expand it much further. They are collaborating with the well-recognized London-based mobile ticketing company Masabi.

Under a revised settlement, Uber could be subject to civil penalties if it fails to notify the FTC of future incidents, and it must submit audits of its data security. Following reports in 2014 that Uber employees used an administrative tool internally dubbed God-view to monitor active Uber cars and customers-and sometimes observed specific users' locations for amusement-Uber promised to use a newly created system to monitor and restrict employee access to such information.