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Why Macaulay Culkin doesn't watch 'Home Alone'

24 April 2018
Why Macaulay Culkin doesn't watch 'Home Alone'

The now 37-year-old actor then went on to star in the film's sequel - Home Alone 2: Lost in NY - which has become such a festive TV favourite that Macaulay can't bear to go outside because of it.

Actor Macaulay Culkin says he steers clear of watching his "Home Alone" movies over Christmas holidays as he feels they are akin to "background radiation" for him around the festivities. "I cant watch it the same way other people can", he said. The legendary child actor stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to speak about his current endeavors, including his Bunny Ears blog, but of course, Home Alone was brought up while he did his interview.

Asking him what he says to fans who make the request, Culkin revealed he doesn't do it for them. He said he didn't recognize how long it had been since he saw the movie, until the cast did a DVD commentary to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

"I definitely don't [go out]".

"I've been there, done that already".

It's Macaulay season. I try to go out less and less around that time of year", insisting he now refuses to do that "Home Alone" pose: "I'm like, 'No, been there done, that already. "I'm 37 now, okay, mom!". Culkin said, referring to his role in the film as both a "curse and blessing". "I can get into any restaurant I want without a reservation, but while I'm there everyone's staring at me".

As far as comedies from the early 1990s go, Home Alone ranks as one of the more prominent.

Explaining his hiatus from the movie business, he said: 'I was exhausted of it.

The former child did 14 movies in about six years, reported People. It's a lot. I was away from home a lot, I was away from school. I needed something else... I was actually looking forward to going to school.

When asked what it was like when he finally came into the money he had earned as a child, Culkin said, "I felt like some kid worked really, really hard and I inherited all his money". I'm always treated differently.