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1 killed, 3 missing after quake strikes Polish coal mine

06 May 2018
1 killed, 3 missing after quake strikes Polish coal mine

Initially JSW said there was some hope the missing miners could have taken another exit but it was later revealed there was just one way out.

Rescue teams have confirmed the death of a second Polish coal miner and are searching for three more trapped almost a kilometer underground after a quake, the chief executive of the mine owner said. A total of seven miners went missing following the quake, two of whom were previously rescued.

Daniel Ozon, head of the Jastrzebie Coal Co., said they could see the third miner and had contact with him, but they still needed to reach him. They need to pump air in and lower the level of methane gas there before they can safely move in and reach the man, who is trapped under some metal and is not reacting, he said.

A few of the seven had been later observed alive and have been hospitalized.

Rescuers have reached another miner trapped after an natural disaster hit a coal mine in southern Poland, but he is unresponsive and four other miners are still missing, an official said Sunday.

Prime-minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited with the hospitalized miners Saturday evening and achieved together with his or her own families. President Andrzej Duda was on his way to the town.

An investigation into the accident is underway.

The State Mining Authority said the tremor had a magnitude of 3.4 on the Richter scale. TVN24 said the quake was also felt on the surface and shook some houses.

The state mining supervisor said the quake was a type that can occur in coal mines deposits are removed. Coal remains the main source of energy and heating in the country but Poland is taking some steps to shift toward renewable, cleaner sources of energy. The Main Statistical Office says some 65.8 million metric tons, (58.7 million tonnes), of coal were extracted a year ago, some 4.8 million tons less than in 2016.

Many of Poland's mines are unsafe, with methane gas that has led to a number of deadly explosions and cave-ins. We have no contact with five other miners.